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Even if the Bundestag votes in favour of the tightening of the asylum law, deportations are not expected to increase significantly in Germany—according to the Interior Ministry, the number of
Szili, who has participated in the commemoration event in previous years, recalled the inhumanity of the displacements and discussed the lasting consequences of the Beneš Decrees, the necessity of retaining
Éva Fahidi, a Holocaust survivor and witness of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century, was a restless artist who even in her 90s was dedicated to teaching the lessons
On 18 June 1868, 155 years ago today, Hungarian admiral Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya was born in Kenderes, Austria-Hungary. One of the greatest Hungarian statesmen of the 20th century served
‘Through the gaps in the door, I saw Arrow Cross members leading people to the Danube bank to be shot to death. I also witnessed that those who could no
On 12 April, 1947 more than 120 thousand Hungarians were deported, while 80 thousand people were transported across the Hungarian borders with no chance to return.