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‘The four camps of congressional foreign policy suggest different readings on the transatlantic alliance. From a liberal universalist perspective, NATO is not just a political and military alliance focusing on
The progressive media’s fabrication factory is operating at full throttle, now attempting to convince American citizens that a potential electoral defeat of Donald Trump will lead to a ‘bloodbath’ in
‘The public mood has been turbulent since 2021. From a campaign perspective, it’s astonishing the current administration is actually trying to prosecute the main political rival of the sitting president.
Because of technicalities and an odd decision by the DNC, President Joe Biden actually was not on the ballot in the party’s primary in New Hampshire. After 2016 and 2020,
‘In addition to his positive foreign policy track record, Donald Trump often promises in his public speeches on his current campaign trail to bring peace to Ukraine and Israel, and
‘If the Hungarian government has other countries standing up for Hungary, that’s the best way to push back against Washington and Brussels,’ argues James Carafano, Senior Counselor to the President
Orbán began his speech by asserting that ‘this year has enormous amounts at stake because the Soros empire, in collaboration with the governing American Democrats, is launching an attack on
Gergely Gulyás emphasised that ‘if there is a political change in the United States, which, of course, depends on the decision of the Americans, then it is certain that Hungarian–American
Alex Soros will be heading the Open Society Foundations from now on, taking the position over from his 92-year-old father, George Soros. In a recent interview, the new chair claimed
In this article you can find exciting details and photos of the visits of sitting and former US Presidents to Hungary, including that by Richard Nixon, the President who had