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President Trump is leading President Biden by double digits in Nevada, a state President Biden won by 2.4 points in 2020. The Republican challenger was also shown to have the
At the height of his popularity, ‘shock jock’ Howard Stern was known for having porn actors perform sex acts on his show and routinely engaged in racial humour, even saying
Former President Trump’s criminal trial has begun in Manhattan, which some polling data suggests could cost him his victory in the presidential election in November. However, President Biden is not
The voters of Wisconsin voted to amend their state constitution, putting stricter election rules in place. Also, just like in all other swing states, the Republican primary turnout outnumbered that
Based on his primary model, political scientist Helmut Norpoth gives incumbent Joe Biden of the Democratic Party a 75 per cent chance for re-election. However, the same model was widely
‘It’s just unarguably the case that whatever it is they accuse someone like Viktor Orbán of doing, the progressive left in America, it is quite clear that these conditions apply
President Trump won 14 out of the 15 states up for grabs on Super Tuesday, with Nikki Haley taking Vermont. Meanwhile, President Biden is falling short in more than one
All nine justices agreed that the 14th Amendment does not give states the power to bar someone from running for federal office, only Congress has that power. Therefore, states cannot
President Trump has won six out of six primary contests so far, the latest one in the key swing state of Michigan. The turnout level on the two sides, along
Members of the American Political Science Association came up with a peculiar ranking, trivializing catastrophic events in American history that led to the suffering of many in the process, such