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The great confederation of the Cumans was one of the steppe tribal confederations of Turkic origin, which successfully represented and spread the once mighty ‘steppe civilization’ to a significant part
The Hungarian and Turkic people (or rather, peoples) are connected in many cultural and even genetic ways. The Byzantine emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus called the Hungarian conquerors ‘Turks’, and the
Around 3100 BC, the Yamnaya people began to move westwards, migrating from their homeland in modern-day southern Ukraine and Russia. As they reached the Carpathian Basin and the Danube valley,
As video games have become an intrinsic part of culture today, it is worth exploring how Hungary and Hungarians are represented in what can be considered an entertainment industry product
As opposed to the simplistic xenophobia narrative, Hungary is a multifaceted country with diverse regions and identities, each of which contributes with its uniqueness to the country’s rich cultural landscape.
Kunság, a Hungarian land with a unique history and captivating nature, is a standout destination for tourists with off-the-beaten-track appeal and diverse natural life.
For over a thousand years, Hungarians and Rusyns have lived peacefully together. This shared history offers important lesson of cooperation and mutual respect.
The Prime Minister reminded that when asked what gives higher meaning to finite life and to the homeland, Petőfi provided the answer: ‘Stand up, Hungarian! Shall we be slaves or
Keeping the memory of St Ladislaus alive is a common cause. As the organisers of the erection of the equestrian statue of the Holy King said in response to critical