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The far-left Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra coalition got above the parliamentary threshold in Italy last Sunday, and will delegate Ilaria Salis to the European Parliament. Salis was standing criminal trial
Three Romanian boys have been expelled from the Romanian Gymnastics National Team in response to the horrific incident. They have been named in the press as well: Mihai Iustin, Andrei
Fidesz MP and Interior Ministry State Secretary Bence Rétvári has announced that a new amendment proposal had been submitted to the Child Protection Act to parliament, with the goal of
Concerned parents wrote an open letter to the local government, demanding that the head of the kindergarten be suspended until the conclusion of the police investigation, in fear that the
According to local press and public police reports, the 53-year-old Hungarian man got into an argument with one of his friends’ brother in an apartment, who stabbed him to death.
The former President has faced a deluge of legal accusations, both criminal and civil, to the point where it is almost becoming comical. Donald Trump has been indicted four times