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Azerbaijan has the potential to become one of the major natural gas suppliers to Hungary if the current determination to increase import volumes continues. However, the bilateral relations between the
In Hungary, people traditionally think in terms of owning their own homes, which not only provides predictability but also financial security for the next generation.
The agency expects substantial foreign investments in battery production to further attract funding, leading to increased job creation, technological advancements, and enhanced exports. Scope Ratings emphasized that Hungary’s BBB credit
According to the ten-page study by the international credit rating agency, the stable outlook is supported by the region’s expected robust macroeconomic performance. In addition, the economies of the countries
Unlike the existing conditions, CSOK Plus does not distinguish between new and used residential properties. New homes are generally more expensive, which means that the same amount of money will
At the launch event, Finance Minister Mihály Varga highlighted that the combined market share of MBH and OTP, Hungary’s two largest banks, now far exceeds the share of foreign banks
This positive trajectory in Hungary’s financial landscape had an impact on the nation’s global ranking in terms of wealth. Hungary has advanced two positions, now sitting at 30th place among
The credit rating agency expects a three per cent economic growth in Hungary next year, supported by strong exports, a high investment rate, and rising real wages.
Katalin Novák emphasised that this is the first occasion for a Hungarian President to visit Rwanda, and it could therefore be a milestone in bilateral relations.