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‘The HAIKU states present a novel approach to exploring and understanding how statesmen and national leaders can navigate a dynamically changing global political landscape, marked by shifts in power balances,
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated that Hungary needs economic relations, not ideological ones, with both East and West in terms of future high technologies.
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni believes that the only viable path which takes everyone’s interests into account is to have a debate on how to stop illegal immigration into Europe.
‘During this presidency, my job will be to improve China–EU trade relations and stop any attempts that try to limit and push back the quantity and quality of this relationship,’
The minister recalled that the world has been facing direct threats of war for the past two years, and the renewed global competition among major powers has fundamentally changed the
State Secretary for Innovation Balázs Hankó reiterated that the John von Neumann Programme focuses on three main areas: healthy living, digitalization, and green transition. The tender has been launched, and
‘Conservative policy approaches in Germany and Hungary have different prerequisites. However, the majority of voters in both countries share similar ideas, with a societal centre ground that leans to the
Donald Trump emphasized that as President, he ‘proudly worked together’ with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to defend the values and interests of both the Hungarian and the American nation.
According to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, following over three hours of negotiations, an agreement was reached to include additional Hungarian railway developments on the
The minister underscored that strengthening ties with the United Arab Emirates, a significant economic and military power in the Gulf region, can complement Hungary’s defence development programme, whether it involves