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The Brazilian relationship is a valuable connection to an emerging power of the 21st century, without serious geopolitical cost attached.
Following talks with his Thai counterpart, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó revealed that tourist traffic between the two countries has doubled, with more than 10,000 Thai tourists
Balázs Orbán’s book, Hussar Cut: The Hungarian Strategy for Connectivity, was presented at the Danube Institute on Wednesday. At the event, alongside the Hungarian Prime Minister’s political director, American researchers
Addressing the Russo–Ukrainian war in his remarks at the opening event of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s annual economic conference, Orbán said only ‘a new player, who had
With the daily flights, the airline’s parent company, China Eastern Airlines, aims to provide even better connectivity between Budapest and Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Australia.
The Foreign Minister of Hungary stressed the importance of connectivity between the ‘interdependent’ Eastern and Western economies, and cautioned against dividing the world into political blocs again. On the same
‘If the Hungarian government has other countries standing up for Hungary, that’s the best way to push back against Washington and Brussels,’ argues James Carafano, Senior Counselor to the President
According to Professor Tokuchi, the war on Ukraine is likely to last for a substantial period of time, engagement with China is necessary but risky, and demographic challenges seriously influence
In his remarks Minister Szijjártó highlighted the extensive border shared by Hungary and Slovakia, spanning 654 kilometres. He noted that this border facilitated a record-breaking 17 billion euros in trade
Hungary as a small country does not make decisions for global order as a whole, but it has a unique message for many other small and medium-sized countries that are