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The John von Neumann Computer Society’s HCC Retro Microcomputer Division’s competition yielded a series of intriguing submissions, including games and demos. The aim was to resurrect the legendary Hungarian Homelab-3
At the opening of the competition final Zsolt Kutnyánszky, State Secretary for Defence Policy, Military Development, and Defence Industry at the Ministry of Defence emphasized that Hungary needs ‘young people
The Food of Hungary 2024 competition is being organized for the seventh time; the final will be held on 27 April at the Szolnok Campus of the University of
Having completed four successful races last year, covering a total of more than 777 hours on water racing, Szabolcs Weöres secured the 34th position in the qualification list for the
As it was pointed out by the Hungarian Competition Authority, the extraordinary resources required for AI technology are presently monopolized by the largest technological giants, potentially distorting market competition in
Hungarian dog breeds are among the most special dog breeds in the world with their outstanding intelligence, strength, rich spirituality and work ethic. Large, international events offer a great opportunity
The Papp László Budapest Sports Arena will have a full house, with six tatamis set up. This time, 5,000 people will fit in the stands, and an additional 2,000 seats
Szilvásvárad, the home of the nationally treasured Lipizzaner horse breed, has been announced as the new location of the event. In the past, the Gallop was organized in the capital
At the Central European Olympiad in Informatics held in Germany István Ádám Molnár from the Földes Ferenc Secondary School in Miskolc and Bernát Tarján from the Veres Péter Secondary School
Under the patronage of the International Geographical Union, the English-language competition, held for the 19th time, saw participation from 52 countries and 200 students. Four Hungarian secondary school students from