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The European Commission and Germany announced a deal that will permit the sale of combustion-engine cars running solely on synthetic e-fuels beyond 2035. The final vote of the EU Council
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán emphasised that Budapest and Warsaw will join forces to protect the agricultural workers of Central Europe from the negative effects of ‘grain dumps’ coming from Ukraine.
The massive electric vehicle-related investments that Debrecen has secured over the past year represent a major step in Hungary’s shift toward a more sustainable economic development.
After nearly 150 years of existence, the combustion engine is about to be phased out in the EU.
Germany’s finance minister is lobbying to save the internal combustion engine through EU legislation that would allow the use of synthetic fuels even under the new European efficiency standards.
Beginning 1 January 2024, Møller Mobility Group, a Norwegian Volkswagen importer, will only bring electric vehicles into the country. Combustion engines and plug-in hybrids will no longer be sold.