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‘It is debatable whether the COP negotiations themselves achieve much, given that a global consensus is typically only possible when the wording is so vague as to mean anything, which
While the bloc claims that it is doing more and more to cut emissions, looking at the data, environmentalists are not convinced.
According to a group of leading scientists, experts are neglecting the study of worst-case scenarios in the study of climate change. While the extinction of humans or the collapse of
The extraordinary drought that is impacting practically all of France is expected to continue for another two weeks. While a crisis management team is imposing strict restrictions on water use,
Methane is 80 times worse for the atmosphere than CO2, yet emissions remain largely unchecked. If there is no immediate response, all climate action will be futile.
The deployment of wind and solar energy in the European Union is not moving forward quickly enough to fulfill the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.
Climate change is ravaging the planet and Joe Biden is responsible for taking action to mitigate its effects. While some external factors hinder his work, he could and should do
As heatwaves threaten continental Europe, it is becoming evident that the climate crisis is playing a clear role in ever more frequent extreme temperatures.
Extreme weather events are increasingly more common due to climate change. How will Hungary tackle the ever-growing damage caused by these disasters?
Hungarian climate policy affirms the possibility of climate-friendly economic development, where economic development is carried out in a sustainable manner in line with the requirements of climate protection.