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‘The corruption is staggering. Chemically and surgically intervening to halt the normal sexual development of children is an extreme measure by any reckoning. In Europe, physicians and researchers have stepped
‘Although the seemingly insurmountable challenge of these rapid changes may make us justifiably depressed, we need to think about the future of our children. Although they didn’t choose these changes,
‘The character of the educator is a fundamental determinant of the personal development of students, and in addition to professional knowledge, it has therefore been important throughout the centuries to
There are 3.13 million mothers in Hungary who have given birth to a total of 6.22 million children during their lifetime, meaning that Hungarian mothers have two children on average.
‘Last week in the United States, President Joe Biden released new rules governing Title IX, a part of American civil rights law governing its application to discrimination against women. With
According to the applications for the CSOK Plus submitted in the first two months of the year, two-thirds of the couples requesting the loan are childless. This shows that couples
Lőrinc Nacsa and István Hollik, politicians of the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP), submitted a bill to the National Assembly on Tuesday proposing to ban the sale of energy
The question whether parents should be involved in what goes on in the school comes up frequently. In this interview Anthony O’Hear shares his opinion on the topic, while also
The ceremonial events in the Museum Garden commemorating the 1848–1849 revolution will kick off next Friday, 15 March with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech.
Catholic kindergartens will be able to accommodate fourteen thousand more children with the support of the Catholic Kindergarten Programme. The programme is not only implemented in Budapest and major cities,