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Population loss slowed this September compared to the same month last year, the Central Statistical Office revealed. However, the number of new marriages has also shown a declining trend.
High interest rates have taken a toll on the Hungarian housing market, as they have in virtually every country. The expanded CSOK programme by the Orbán administration can do a
‘With in vitro fertilisation, conception takes place outside the mother’s body, rendering the natural conjugal act between husband and wife in itself as alien to the institution of the family.
The State Secretary said that since 2010, every year has been the year of families in Hungary. He added that the family support programmes in the country are still work
Ágnes Hornung reminded that the government has expanded and enhanced the family support system year after year to facilitate childbearing, child-raising, home-building, and work alongside child-raising, all with the aim
Hungary managed to stay above the EU average with a fertility rate of 1.61 in 2021. This is also a sizable increase compared to the 1.23 figure the country reported in 2011.