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The great confederation of the Cumans was one of the steppe tribal confederations of Turkic origin, which successfully represented and spread the once mighty ‘steppe civilization’ to a significant part
Four Transylvanian friends dared to dream big and founded a sparkling winery in a small village in northern Transylvania a decade ago. This year, their Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine
Around 3100 BC, the Yamnaya people began to move westwards, migrating from their homeland in modern-day southern Ukraine and Russia. As they reached the Carpathian Basin and the Danube valley,
Minister of Construction and Transport János Lázár announced near Nyírmeggyes in Szabolcs–Szatmár–Bereg County that the construction of the first, 28-kilometre-long segment of the expressway being built in two phases between
Deputy State Secretary for Higher Education at the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Innovation Veronika Varga-Bajusz talked about the challenges of preserving the identity of Hungarians beyond the border. She
Among the world’s historical weapons, the Hungarian fokos stands out as a symbol of the commoners’ culture in Hungary and the broader Carpathian Basin.
The 32nd Tusványos festival, organised under the motto ‘The Time for Peace,’ will offer around five hundred public and cultural events until the end of the week.
‘The goal of the MCC is for young people’s education to depend not on their financial situation but solely on their abilities and motivation,’ and to allow talented Hungarian students
The quest to find the ancestral homeland of Hungarians has inspired ventures into the far East for many centuries. The most famous ones were made by Friar Julian in the
The goal of the MCC Plus programme is to make the unique talent development programmes of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium available to a wide range of individuals. It allows talented