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Speaking in Szolnok, State Secretary for Education Zoltán Maruzsa noted that notebooks are distributed at more than 3,000 distribution points not only in state institutions but also in church, minority,
In the first two phases of the nationwide laptop programme launched in 2022, 260,000 portable computers were provided free of charge to upper-grade students, teachers, and educational institutions. From this
In Hungary, people traditionally think in terms of owning their own homes, which not only provides predictability but also financial security for the next generation.
The minister stressed the importance of maintaining disciplined fiscal policies this year, aiming for an annual average inflation rate of around 5 per cent. He firmly asserted that until the
The government’s primary focus for the current year is the restoration of economic growth while continuing to reduce the budget deficit and national debt.
Despite extraordinary expenditures, the government has consistently reduced the budget deficit and the national debt year after year, the Ministry of Finance emphasized in its interim report released on the
Alongside the distribution of laptops that started last year, more than 4,000 locations have been equipped with wireless internet access, and with a budget of 10 billion forints, the electrical
Unlike the existing conditions, CSOK Plus does not distinguish between new and used residential properties. New homes are generally more expensive, which means that the same amount of money will
In his regular interview on public radio, the Hungarian Prime Minister pledged to defend Hungary’s borders, to resist pressure from Brussels aiming to change his government’s policies, insisted that Ukraine
The gross average monthly earnings for full-time employees amounted to 555,900 forints, surpassing the previous year’s figures by 15.2 per cent.