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‘In the Hungarian leader, the EU faces a new type of Eurosceptic, one who doesn’t want to leave the bloc but instead shape it, putting his stamp on policies from
‘I am a qualified admirer of what has been done in Hungary over the last decade and a half. We can learn a lot from the fairly uncompromising attitude of the
When platforms intervene in national elections and form public opinion, it is necessarily a question of sovereignty and security.
‘Hungary now faces three options: exiting the European Union, surrendering, or actively forming alliances,’ David Tse-Chien Pan, a Professor of German at the University of California, Irvine, argues. An interview
According to Professor Durodié, the EU is a fundamentally anti-democratic set of institutions that excludes the voice of the people. It is a project that lost its sense of history
Uncertainty about a ‘Huxit’ scenario is not fuelled by the Hungarian Prime Minister but rather by EU bureaucrats using a one-sided interpretation of the rule of law. The Hungarian government
Hungary does a fine job resisting the LGBT agenda and shaping cultural institutions in line with the public sentiment, Dr Joanna Williams opines. An interview about wokeism, censorship, and possible
‘The tale of Britain’s Conservatives is dark and depressing, but it might be educational.’
It’s good to have demons. You need a Trump in Europe and it might as well be Orbán — says Jordan B. Peterson on why Hungary is portrayed so badly
Conservative member of the House of Lords David Frost touched on a number of important issues in his remarks, including nationalism, Brexit, the COVID lockdowns, and the future of conservatism