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The politician thanked his predecessor, István Hollik, for his work. ‘We will fight with our heads held high and our backs straight, and thanks to the strength of our community,
The signed contract consists of a basic order for nine vehicles and options for up to four additional vehicles. GYSEV has three months from the contract’s start to decide how
A four-day humanitarian ceasefire has been agreed upon by Israel and Hamas, as confirmed by both parties and the mediator Qatar as well. The Palestinians agreed to the release of
Wizz Air has cancelled all flights to Israel until 15 November but is continuously reviewing the situation. The airline is in constant contact with Israeli, Hungarian, and international authorities, monitoring
‘Just as a mother clings to her children, the Motherland also clings to her children, connecting Hungarian communities within and beyond our borders as if by an umbilical cord,’ President
The most important feature of the programme announced with a five billion forint budget is that state support will reach innovative startups through incubators. Incubators support early-stage startups in bringing
In his regular Friday morning interview, Orbán said the situation in Israel was a stark reminder of the value of peace and stability, and that elected leaders had a duty
In his regular Friday morning radio interview, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán noted that sympathy protests for terrorists are taking place throughout Europe. By contrast, he declared, Hungary will not allow
In a recent op-ed published on NewsMax, CASEPAC Executive Director Bryan Leib expressed his conviction that support for Israel and the Jewish people ‘starts at the top,’ reminding that Prime
Magyar Vagon Ltd. is affiliated with the President and CEO of MOL, Zsolt Hernáda, who, as of the 2023 edition of the list, is the seventh most influential individual in