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It was an initiative where expert breeding and handling on three different continents that made this incredible success possible. Cudar, the third-placed Kuvasz, was bred in Brazil, with a Hungarian
The Brazilian relationship is a valuable connection to an emerging power of the 21st century, without serious geopolitical cost attached.
The Hungarian motifs appearing in the exhibited works prove that artists living and working outside of Hungary are still proud of the heritage they received from their ancestors, even indirectly.
‘Hungary’s political leadership is strong enough to keep our country out of the war. I say this in all humility, but also with confidence,’ the Prime Minister declared.
The war in Ukraine has been ravaging European economy for the past year. Marking the recent one-year anniversary of the invasion, this article looks at the economic sanctions imposed upon
Brazil is facing presidential elections on Sunday. The outcome of the clash of the titans, Bolsonaro and Lula, who seem to be complete political opposites, will have a huge impact
Due to the Brazilian Supreme Court’s ruling, the Paris Agreement now supersedes national law. Is this a step forward for a greener future or a symbol of hypocrisy?