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During a scheduled press conference, Gergely Gulyás said the government expects inflation to drop significantly by the end of November. Regarding the frozen EU funds, he noted that Hungary is
The minister highlighted that Brussels has requested a further 98.5 billion euros in contributions from the member states, which is fifteen times the total annual personal income tax revenue in
Speaking at the farewell of the Hungarian police contingent heading to Serbia, Bence Rétvári reminded that Hungary is already engaged in a trilateral cooperation with Austrian police, jointly protecting the
Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Schallenberg announced on Monday that his ministry would summon the Hungarian ambassador. Regarding the release of human smugglers by the Budapest administration, Schallenberg stated
According to Frontex, the number of illegal border crossings has reached a record level, increasing by 292 percent on the Mediterranean route between January and April compared to the same
According to Frontex data, 330,000 illegal migrants arrived in Europe last year, based on which the revenue of human smugglers could have reached 1,7 trillion forints, Bence Rétvári highlighted in
Apart from causing tragic suffering for the locals and posing a major threat to foreign nationals living in Sudan, the civil war is unfortunately also expected to result in an
‘We are waiting for Swedish government officials to reassure members of the Hungarian parliament; our goal is to support Sweden’s NATO accession with the largest possible parliamentary majority, similarly to
‘Over the past decades, the number of fences at the EU borders has risen from 0 to 19.’
Most Americans think there is an ‘invasion’ going on at the southern border of the United States as more migrants pour into the country than ever before.