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The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) has recently published a book about a new proposed foreign policy approach towards the Russo⁠–⁠Ukrainian war by the US, which was reviewed by Zoltán
‘The Internet, for all its premises as a beacon of knowledge, now resembles more of a digital information wasteland. It’s not that there aren’t well-written essays or long-form articles out
At the library located in the centre of the city visitors will have a chance to create souvenir cards with Elvish script, learn the secrets of Elvish braiding, participate in
In her book Last Warning to the West: Hungary’s Triumph Over Communism and the Woke Agenda, Shea Bradley-Farrell, President of the Counterpoint Institute and a leading member of the Center
The Prime Minister’s political director Balázs Orbán held a book launch at the Ludovika University of Public Service in Budapest. The new book, now also available in English, looks at
András Cser-Palkovics, the Mayor of Székesfehérvár highlighted the importance of having one of Europe’s largest talent development networks and communities present in Székesfehérvár. This presence will contribute to the city
The best-known Hungarian language youth novel, The Paul Street Boys, written by Ferenc Molnár, was first publish in 1907 and it has enjoyed unbroken popularity ever since.
In her book, Bradley-Farrell encourages American readers to turn their attention to the current governmental policies of Hungary, viewing them as a guiding path for resisting progressive aspirations.
‘What better explains the atrocities committed: coercion or the individual’s capacity or inclination for cruelty? Perhaps both, but to varying proportions.’ Author and historian László Borhi points out in
Balázs Orbán presented the French version of his book The Hungarian Way of Strategy at a roundtable discussion organized by the Hungarian consulate in Paris. The second part of the