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Members of the American Political Science Association came up with a peculiar ranking, trivializing catastrophic events in American history that led to the suffering of many in the process, such
Reflecting on the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting this week, the left-leaning news portal decided to make an explicit statement about their perceived—and desired—reality by creating a ranking of the
After the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, all large Russian opposition media outlets were forced to leave the country. Notwithstanding their dire situation, some of them could nonetheless retain
The editorial staff believes this is an expression of political bias, and was motivated by the upcoming European Parliamentary elections next year. The last piece of their content flagged by
Let’s speak clearly: what Hamas has done is not fighting for the freedom of the Palestinians, but cruel murdering based on pure hatred. The terrorists have not made life easier
While Hungary has been declared to be the rule of law black sheep not only of the Carpathian Basin, but of the whole of Europe, Brussels has in fact found
‘I have been asked several times by foreigners whether there is systemic anti-Semitism in Hungary. My answer was clearly no. In fact, as a Hungarian Jew, I feel much safer
Transparency International has just published their CPI report for 2022, as they have done annually since 1995. The rankings might surprise some, however, many perceive the published information as facts,
As one of the thirty member states that voted against the proposal, Hungary made it clear that the 75th Independence Day of the Jewish State should be celebrated and not