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Kossuth Prize-winning Hungarian writer Péter Nádas was denied a prestigious literary prize in Germany solely because he is a ‘white man.’ Two outraged members of the seven-member jury reported the
Even if the Bundestag votes in favour of the tightening of the asylum law, deportations are not expected to increase significantly in Germany—according to the Interior Ministry, the number of
The Festival of Lights is traditionally one of Berlin’s most spectacular community events in autumn. This year marks the 19th edition of the ten-day festival, with nightly projections taking place
‘In the Britain that is now, just like in every other Western country that has accepted indiscriminate mass immigration from countries with Islamic values, it has become normal to celebrate
The Hungarian foreign minister announced that Budapest will not consent to further arms shipments to Ukraine as long as Kyiv fails to remove OTP Bank from its list of international
The Christian Democratic Union in Germany has shifted to the left in recent years, which does not seem to be working out for them, while the far-right has got stronger.
Balázs Orbán opined that the economic competition between the Western and non-Western world is becoming balanced, thus the world is returning to a state of equilibrium. He recalled that in
Budapest energy prices were the lowest among capitals that are part of the European Union. As far as Europe is concerned, prices were the lowest in Kyiv, Ukraine.
The Prime Minister said that the rebuilding of Russian-European economic relations after the war would be desirable, but it is unlikely to happen any time soon.
While Eastern and Western Germany do converge with the passing of time, as values are transmitted from generation to generation, the ‘shadow’ of Communism is here to stay for decades