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The Budapest Architecture Film Festival is held between 7 and 10 March at the Toldi Cinema. This year’s motto, People Behind, highlights the numerous and passionate creative individuals who work
This autumn, the Hungarian parliament declared 16 December, the birthday of architect, writer, illustrator, ethnologist and politician Károly Kós, the Day of Hungarian Architecture. The Kós Károly Lifetime Achievement Prize,
Csaba Lantos stated that to aid families, the government continues to provide reduced utility prices, making Hungary home to the cheapest household natural gas and electricity prices in Europe.
Rubik’s creativity may have stemmed from the fact that he was a typically solitary child who, as he says, was never bored because he loved games. The more challenging the
This year’s Hungarian Film Festival, jointly organised by the National Film Institute and Veszprém–Balaton 2023–European Capital of Culture programme, took place from 7 to 10 June in Veszprém, Balatonfüred, and
At the prestigious Litomeřice competition over 200 breweries from a series of countries from the Czech Republic to Spain competed with nearly 1,200 beers in 39 categories, and Hungarian Szent
Zsófia Mohos has managed to capture a part of Hungary where the culture and traditions are still kept, but are beginning to fade away. Her project ‘Görbeország’, for which she
This year, the Highlights of Hungary Ambassador’s Award was won by Ferenc Berend for his unique no-till farm, Somogyi Kószáló Farm, located in Somogy County in south-western Hungary. Mr Berend’s
The idea of the competition first arose in 2016, the year Szeged-born Zsigmond passed away. The first festival named after him was organised in 2017. Entries for this year’s festival