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After being elected to the European Parliament, Italian Antifa Ilaria Salis walked free on 14 June, as Hungarian police released her from house arrest due to the immunity granted to
In his speech at the event, Viktor Orbán emphasized that in the debate with liberals, it will not be the Soros Empire or Brussels bureaucrats, but nations that will prevail,
László Dudog, one of the most severely injured victims of the far-left attacks in Budapest last February, granted an exclusive interview to Italian media. The article has the potential to
56-year-old Ilan Weisz, a father of three, was possibly held hostage for nearly three months, as authorities did not discover his body for an extended period of time.
This is not the first instance of the ambassador offering an unsolicited opinion about Hungary’s past. Last year, he published a message regarding the 1956 revolution, drawing parallels with the
The official expressed his discontent over the fact that the former rugby player Dan Dinu’s words were liked by several public figures and politicians.
The attack, carried out by nearly 50 armed militants, took place at the facility operated by MOL Pakistan Oil and Gas Company in the Hangu district near the Afghan border,