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The Hungarian Theatre Society (MTT) admitted the Szabadka National Theatre and the Viharsarok Dance Theatre into its ranks, increasing its membership to 90. The assembly approved the society’s 2023 balance
US First Lady Jill Biden celebrated the upcoming festive season by posting a video of a New York City-based, mostly black tapdancing group in odd costumes awkwardly dancing to Tchaikovsky’s
The event, spanning two weekends, will be hosted by the cinemas operated by the municipality located in the two major city neighbourhoods. On 11–12 November, children can watch Hungarian cartoons
Gloomy Sunday, which became to be known as the ‘Hungarian Suicide Song’ was originally released in 1933. The words were written by poet László Jávor, while the music was composed
5,500 photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, submitted a total of 44,000 images to this year’s Hungary 365 photo contest, more than ever before. Winners will be awarded in five different categories this year.
Kristóf Deák’s 2022 crime drama was awarded in the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature category at the Stony Brook Film Festival. The director has won an Academy Award as
Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl completed his magnum opus, the Liberty Statue of Budapest in 1947, in just two years. It was originally a monument dedicated to the ‘liberating’ Soviet forces at
Foky was a pioneer in stop-motion animation. His best-known works are the award-winning short Babfilm (Pea Film, 1975), Mirr-Murr kandúr kalandjai (The Adventures of Mirr-Murr the Tomcat, 1972–1972), and, of
Balázs Havasi, Judit Polgár, Ernő Rubik, István Szabó and Áron Szilágyi — five great contemporary Hungarians who have achieved unmatched successes.
Celebrate the Day of Hungarian Poetry by reading the English translation of poems written by some of the greatest Hungarian poets, Attila József, Miklós Radnóti, Mihály Vörösmarty, Endre Ady, and