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The renovated heritage buildings, evoking the golden age of Nagyvárad in the early 20th century, remind visitors that after Budapest, Nagyvárad used to be the second most important economic and
Perhaps the best-known and one of the most beautiful buildings in Ferenciek tere (Square of the Franciscans) in Budapest, the Párisi Passage, has been recently renovated and its original beauty
Imre Zsellér, a prolific artist, decorated hundreds of churches and public buildings across the Kingdom of Hungary with his extraordinary stained glass and mosaic creations.
When Magyar Krónika asked their readers which building they thought was the most beautiful in Hungary, nine out of ten respondents said it was the Hungarian Parliament. However, it is
The most characteristic sights of Budapest are its iconic Art Nouveau buildings—in almost all of the grey streets of our capital, we can find at least a few colourful Art