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‘Germany’s slow and opaque stance on helping Ukraine in its war against the Russian invasion can also be seen as reactive rather than proactive…One reason for Germany’s caution is of
‘The history of European integration is in fact nothing more than the history of the power struggle of the EU institutions. The powers of the institutions at the core of
‘Conservative policy approaches in Germany and Hungary have different prerequisites. However, the majority of voters in both countries share similar ideas, with a societal centre ground that leans to the
While the largest German paper Bild took a sympathetic tone toward refugees back in 2015, that has since changed. On 29 October, they published a 50-point anti-migration manifesto in which
The PM drew attention to the fact that Hungary spends over two billion euros to protect the Schengen Zone from illegal immigrants. ‘We haven’t received a single cent from Brussels.
Back in 2014, Merkel made it clear that while Europe should pursue a tough policy on Russia, it should also work on a diplomatic solution to end the hostilities. That
Germany became one of the most influential countries not just within the EU but in the whole world in the past few decades. In this regard, we are going to
Let us have a look at what is behind the results and what conclusions Europe can draw from the German elections.
‘Angela Merkel has turned the powerful conservative people’s party CDU into a party of arbitrariness’
German-Hungarian economic relations developed dynamically during the ‘Merkel era’ despite the fact that on the political level, the relationship was not free from disputes.