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‘Living in a republic means striving to treat each other well,’ the mayor said, adding this was the kind of homeland the heroes of 1956 had wanted. He said the
Slovakia’s upcoming early elections are attracting a lot of attention internationally, but the Hungarian ethnic parties, unable to surpass the parliamentary threshold since 2020, are again unlikely to enter the
Katalin Novák thanked Giorgia Meloni for accepting her invitation to speak at the fifth Budapest Demographic Summit, which will take place between 14 and 16 September. The summit is one
After the victorious election, the prime minister made it clear that the Russian aggression against Ukraine was forcing us to partially revise our strategy in foreign affairs, adjusting it to
Who is Lajos Ódor, Slovakia’s first ethnically Hungarian Prime Minister? Read our in-depth analysis of his background and how he came to power during the political crisis of his country.
Today it is again the ideal of freedom that connects Hungary, Poland and Italy. In all three countries people voted for governments that promised to follow the interest of their
The early twenties in Hungary brought about not only a fervent nationalist discussion about Trianon, the Romani or antisemitism, but also illusory concepts regarding the Eastern roots of the Hungarian