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Wizz Air has cancelled all flights to Israel until 15 November but is continuously reviewing the situation. The airline is in constant contact with Israeli, Hungarian, and international authorities, monitoring
Airlines are systematically cancelling or suspending their flights to Israel since the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas launched a comprehensive attack on the Jewish state on Saturday morning, resulting in hundreds
One of the main highlights of the evening will be starting the 1900 horsepower engine of the 66-year-old Il-14 passenger aircraft. In addition, visitors will have multiple opportunities to witness
The company operating the airport said that the total annual passenger count measured so far is now only 9.4 per cent behind the record year of 2019, surpassing previous expectations.
After the completion of the investment, the Chinese–Hungarian joint venture, Jiangsu Magnus Aircraft Manufacturing, is expected to create a total of 300 jobs, with Hungarian employees playing a leading role.
After lockdowns ended many airports started to struggle with staffing issues causing planes to be delayed or to not even take off. Heathrow and other airports have faced massive queues