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‘Fiducia Supplicans, which calls for the blessing of homosexual couples—keeping in mind that nowhere in this document does it call for conversion—the door has been opened to LGTBQ+ protagonists to
Both incumbent governors, Republican Tate Reeves of Mississippi and Democrat Andy Beshear of Kentucky were reelected last night, in line with the incumbent advantage trend of gubernatorial elections in the
The famous British unorthodox feminist, Mary Harrington recently visited Budapest to talk about ‘reactionary feminism’ and progress at a Danube Institute event.
Marriage is a social good, liberal abortion laws cheapen life, and religious perspectives are legitimate if they are properly articulated. An interview about re-moralized Western states, the limitations of free
‘Christian nationalism is a type of religious nationalism in which the end goal is to achieve an absolute Christian theocracy within a society. Its advocates primarily focus on the internal
‘It didn’t take too much time to realize that having the belief that Heaven exists and thinking that merely aiming for it as a life purpose isn’t substantial. It is
We have heard time and again the phrase ‘trust the science’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is time for pro-life people to prove what science really means. It is
As British MP Ian Paisley Jr phrased it, ‘In recent decades, a new language and culture, foreign to the principles and freedoms that have characterised our shared values for generations,
‘Supporting the institution of marriage and families promotes social stability. Families provide the foundation for the social fabric of a society; when families are healthy and well-functioning, they provide a
‘With in vitro fertilisation, conception takes place outside the mother’s body, rendering the natural conjugal act between husband and wife in itself as alien to the institution of the family.