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Mattia Zaccagni’s last-minute banger gave the Hungarian national team a better chance of qualifying for the knockout stages of the European Championship in Germany. If England beat Slovenia tonight, the
Examining the performance of the first five months of 2024, Hungary also ranks among the top in the spread of clean and quiet vehicles. From January to May, nearly one
In tribute to the two Hungarian Nobel laureates, biochemist Katalin Karikó and physicist Ferenc Krausz, the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) released silver coins with a face value of 7,500 forints
Azahriah will be the first Hungarian singer in a long time to perform in the pre-headlining slot. The young talent recently filled the Puskás Arena three times in a row,
The European Broadcasting Union has not invited the right-wing Identity and Democracy and the European Conservatives and Reformists to the EP election debate scheduled for 23 May. The decision, explained
While one might envision the European right as a cohesive entity, significant differences exist between the two prominent EP political groups, ECR and ID, particularly on crucial issues such as
Tamás Deutsch, leading candidate of Fidesz–KDNP in the European Parliament elections, discussed various important topics in his interview with Mandiner, including the recently adopted new migration pact, the composition of
The right-wing parties of Portugal emerged strengthened from the Sunday early election in Portugal, with the Chega party, led by André Ventura, quadrupling its seats, and the centre-right Democratic Alliance
According to press reports, Donald Trump and Viktor Orbán are scheduled to meet in Florida on 8 March. As the perhaps two most prominent figures of the international right, they
As the war in Ukraine enters its third year, the prospect of peace remains as distant as it did 24 months ago. However, with the upcoming political events in Europe