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Hungary marks a solemn occasion on 6 October: the nation remembers the courageous military leaders of Hungary’s anti-Habsburg revolution and war of independence who were executed on this day in 1849.
The kuruc-labanc dichotomy did not disappear during the early nineteenth century: it only assumed a different form and became stronger. During the Era of Reform, the kuruc sentiment was wedded
Although the revolution and freedom fight was crushed, 15 March is not a day of mourning, but of delayed victory. While the defeat of the Revolution and Freedom Fight was
6 October is a National Day of Mourning in Hungary remembering the Thirteen Martyrs of Arad who made the ultimate sacrifice for Hungary’s freedom and independence after the defeat of
2022-2023 is dedicated to the bicentenary of Hungary’s greatest national poet, Sándor Petőfi. He is one of the internationally best-known Hungarian poets and the most influential representative of Hungarian Romanticism.
The 1848-49 Revolution and Freedom Fight fundamentally changed the course of Hungarian history, and it remains the core of Hungarian national identity to this day.