Volume 2 – Issue 3

Volume 2 | Number 3 - Full-colour, 100+ pages


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Hungary’s foremost English-language magazine on contemporary political, philosophical, religious, and cultural issues from a Central-European conservative perspective. Hungarian Conservative publishes essays, interviews and reviews addressing outstanding issues of conservative thought and featuring a broad spectrum of Hungarian and international thinkers and public figures.

  • In This Issue

    The third issue of Volume II has a special focus on the Hungarian elections. ‘When, in subsequent Western media reporting, I heard Hungary denounced for its unwillingness to risk war with Russia, and allegations of Orbán’s collusion with Putin, I raged. Who the hell are these journalists to pass judgement on the Hungarians?’ – writes Rod Dreher in his article, entitled Prejudices and Realities.
    In this latest issue, we also feature other, current issues-focused content as well, such as columns by Andrew Roberts on the historic significance of the war in Ukraine and Dávid Nagy on “Hungarian Solidarity in Trying Times”.
    In addition, eminent authors such as Werner J. Patzelt, András Karácsony, Zoltán Pethő, Gellért Rajcsányi and Fanni Korpics also contributed to this issue with reviews and pieces on political philosophy and history.