Volume 2 – Issue 2

Volume 2 | Number 2 - Full-colour, 100+ pages


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Hungary’s foremost English-language magazine on contemporary political, philosophical, religious, and cultural issues from a Central-European conservative perspective. Hungarian Conservative publishes essays, interviews and reviews addressing outstanding issues of conservative thought and featuring a broad spectrum of Hungarian and international thinkers and public figures.

  • In This Issue

    The current issue focuses on energy policy and climate change. As Attila Steiner states, ‘humanity is still under the illusion that energy is cheap and infinitely available, but the present consumption patterns will not be sustainable in the future.’

    The second issue of Volume II moreover features columns by Adam Topolansky on “The Rise of a New Patriotic-Democratic Model in Central Europe” and Balázs Mártonffy on “The Reality of Spheres of Influence in Central Europe.”

    Political philosophy is also a prominent topic in our latest issue, which, as is now customary, includes a review as well.