Volume 1 – Issue 2

Volume 1 | Number 2 - Full-colour, 100+ pages


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Hungary’s foremost English-language magazine on contemporary political, philosophical, religious, and cultural issues from a Central-European conservative perspective. Hungarian Conservative publishes essays, interviews and reviews addressing outstanding issues of conservative thought and featuring a broad spectrum of Hungarian and international thinkers and public figures.

  • In This Issue

    The second Issue of Hungarian Conservative includes columns by Fanni Surjányi, István Pócza, Zsolt Németh and Rod Dreher. It features essays by Judit Varga on “The Age of Digital Freedom,” Bernát Török on social media and freedom of speech, Miklós Szánthó on digital sovereignty, Gergely Egedy on “Conservatism and Mass Democracy,” Miklós Pogrányi Lovas on the European right, Peter Murphy on “The Word ‘Conservative’” and Áron Czopf on “Spaces of Conservation”.

    In addition, eminent authors such as attila Károly Molnár, Max-Erwann Gastineau and János Kubassek, Anthony O’Hear and Gergely Szilvay also contributed to the second issue with reviews and pieces on political philosophy and culture.