Volume 2 – Issue 1

Volume 2 | Number 1 - Full-colour, 100+ pages


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Hungary’s foremost English-language magazine on contemporary political, philosophical, religious, and cultural issues from a Central-European conservative perspective. Hungarian Conservative publishes essays, interviews and reviews addressing outstanding issues of conservative thought and featuring a broad spectrum of Hungarian and international thinkers and public figures.

  • In This Issue

    The main focus of the new issue of the Second Volume of Hungarian Conservative is migration. ‘The solution is not zero immigration, but rather ‘zero-based budgeting’ in immigration. A modern, developed society does not need any immigration, but there are narrow categories of people whose admission is so compelling that we should admit them despite the challenges it can pose for modern societies’ – writes Mark Krikorian in his essay, Mass Immigration vs Modern Society.

    In this latest issue, we also feature other, current issues-focused content as well, such as columns by Miklós Szánthó on the protection of values, Zsolt Németh on “Visegrád and Its Mission” and Michael O’Shea on the new Czech government.

    We have also included exciting analyses in the field of political philosophy and history, and an interesting review by Tamás Orbán, titled Trianon – Tragedy of a Nation: The Memoirs of Tibor Scitovszky.