Volume 1 – Issue 1

Volume 1 | Number 1 - Full-colour, 100+ pages


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Hungary’s foremost English-language magazine on contemporary political, philosophical, religious, and cultural issues from a Central-European conservative perspective. Hungarian Conservative publishes essays, interviews and reviews addressing outstanding issues of conservative thought and featuring a broad spectrum of Hungarian and international thinkers and public figures.

  • In This Issue

    The first Issue of Hungarian Conservative includes columns by László Trócsányi, Tamás Orbán, George Bodgen and Boris Kálnoky. It features essays by Rodrigo Ballester on “The European Union at the Crossroads of Its Own Contradictions,” György Schöpflin on “Law, Politics, and Juristocracy,” Sándor Lénárd on “Changing Attitudes towards a Second Human Rights Revolution,” András Karácsony on “The Re-emegence of Sovereignty” and Márton Békés on liberal imperialism and colonization.


    In addition, eminent authors such as Thomas Gallagher, Krzysztof Brzechczyn, Barnabás Leimeiszter, Péter Heltai and Gergely Szilvay also contributed to the first issue with reviews and pieces on political philosophy and culture.